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Smart Grid

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Market Potential
Automated Meter Reading Technologies
Cloud Computing - Key Enabler of Smart Grid
Distribution Automation: Trends, Developments and Retrospectives 2007-2018
Energy Efficient Buildings
Energy Savings Guide for Home and Small Business
Energy Savings Guide for Home and Small Business
Green Airports: How Airports are Realizing Energy Savings
How Airports Go Green
IEC Routers & Switches in Smart Grids; Opportunity Analysis to 2015
Life Cycle Assessment: A Guide for Sustainability and Strategy Executives
Renewable Energy and the Smart Grid
Renewable Integration and Balancing Issues: Energy Storage, Structural Costs, Grid Integration, Operational Considerations, and Future Outlook
Setting and Managing Sustainability Goals
Smart Grid Cyber Security
Smart Grid Demonstration Projects and Utility Programs
Smart Grid in Emerging Markets
Smart Grid Industry Market Guide 2012
Smart Grid Projects
Smart Grid Technology Providers and Partnerships
Smart Grid: Gaining Customer Buy-in
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iPads and Smartphones in the Energy Industry
In September 2012, Apple reached record pre-order sales numbers for its newest version of the iPhone 5, selling a tremendous 2 million units in the first 24 hours, and some analysts predict that Apple will sell over 200 million iPhone 5s over the next ...

Biofuel From Algae Market Potential
Driven by climate change concerns and the rising cost of petroleum-based energy, companies and government entities are developing the use of biofuels derived from algae to reduce carbon emissions from power plants and generate renewable transportation ...

GHG Emissions Credit Trading
Greenhouse Gases Emissions Trading is emerging as a key instrument in the drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The rationale behind emission trading is to ensure that the emission reductions take place where the cost of the reduction is lowest thus ...

Global Rare Earth Elements Market
Rising demand for wind turbines, electronics, and electric vehicles is straining supplies of some rare earth elements. The world has become dependent on imports for rare earth minerals from China, a vast resource for rare earth elements. Rare earth ...

Utility Energy Storage Market Guide
The electric utility energy storage market is projected to top $2.5 billion by 2015. Eight technologies - batteries, compressed air storage, flywheels, hydrogen, superconducting magnetic energy storage, thermal energy storage, ultracapacitors, and vehicle-to-grid ...