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Small Wind Turbine Trends & Opportunities

Small Wind Turbines Market Potential

Small Wind Turbines Market Potential

Learn about the massive global profit potential in the small wind turbine market.

This report analyzes the market for small wind turbines. It begins with an analysis of wind turbines, the various components of wind turbines and also how wind turbines face a number of technical challenges before they can function optimally. The factor of aerodynamic stall, fatigue cycles and many other impacts on wind turbines are analyzed in the report.

The report also details the various applications of small wind turbines, along with market trends and opportunities present specifically for small wind turbines.

Small wind turbines are wind turbines which have lower energy output than large commercial wind turbines, such as those found in wind farms. These turbines may be as small as a fifty watt generator for boat, caravan, or miniature refrigeration unit. Small units often have direct drive generators, direct current output, aeroelastic blades, lifetime bearings and use a vane to point into the wind.

Larger, more costly turbines generally have geared power trains, alternating current output, flaps and are actively pointed into the wind. Direct drive generators and aeroelastic blades for large wind turbines are being researched.

Smaller scale turbines for residential scale use are available. They are usually approximately 7 to 25 feet in diameter and produce electricity at a rate of 300 to 10,000 watts at their tested wind speed. Some units have been designed to be very lightweight in their construction allowing sensitivity to minor wind movements and a rapid response to wind gusts typically found in urban settings and easy mounting much like a television antenna.

Learn more about this growing industry in this report detailing the market's potential.

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Pages: 64
Publication Date: June 2011
Publisher: Energy Business Reports
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