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Small Wind Turbines Market Potential

Executive Summary 5

Introduction to Wind Power 6
History of Wind Power 6
Defining Wind Power 8
Generating Electricity from Wind Power 8
Managing the Grid 8
Determining the Capacity Factor 8
Wind Energy Penetration 9
Variability in Electricity Derived from Wind Power 10

Introduction to Wind Turbines 12
What is a Wind Turbine? 12
History of Wind Turbines 12
Commercialization of Wind Turbines 13
1970 to 1990 13
1990 To Present 14
Operation of Wind Turbines 14
Working of a Wind Turbine? 16
Parts of a Wind Turbine 16
Sub Components 17
Production of Turbine Components 23
Raw Materials 24
Construction of the Wind Turbine 25
Design Drivers 27
Technology Behind Wind Power 28
Technological Challenge Facing the Wind Turbine Industry 28
Limiting Power with Aerodynamic Stall 29
Number of Fatigue Cycles 29

Wind Turbine Industry Overview 31

Small Wind Turbines 32
Overview of Small Wind Turbines (SWT) 32
Applications of SWTs 34
Grid‐Connected Applications 35
Market for SWTs 36
Hybrid Small Wind Turbines 36
Very Small Wind Turbines 36
Wind‐Diesel Hybrid Turbine Systems 37
Market Development for SWTs 38

Grid‐connected Systems and SWTs 38

Trends in the Market 40

Manufacturers of Small Wind Turbines 42
Aeolos Wind Turbine 42
Bergey Windpower 44
Evance Wind 46
Microgeneration Certification Scheme in the UK 46
Urban Green Energy 47
Wenvor Technologies Inc 48
XZERES Wind 49

Glossary 51

About the Publisher 63
List of Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Rotor Components 18
Figure 2: Nacelle Components 20
Figure 3: Typical Nacelle Layout of a Modern Wind Turbine 25
Figure 4: Ecotecnia 100 Nacelle Layout 26
Figure 5: Vestas V90 Nacelle Layout 26

Table 1: Description of Rotor Components 19
Table 2: Description of Tower Components 20
Table 3: Description of Nacelle Components 21
Table 4: Description of Balance of System Components 22
Table 5: Wind Turbine Raw Materials, % by Weight, including Blades & Towers 24
Table 6: Classification of Small Wind Turbines 33
Table 7: Applications for Small Wind Turbines 34
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